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Rent a car from our Scuderia for your journey


André and Camillo


Camillo & André - Camillo, our team leader, captain and pilot, together with his chief travel committee, navigator and co-pilot have planned the best itineraries, selectioned the finest restaurants and tasted for you their specialities!

Our golden-handed craftsmen make a dream come true!

Battilama e carrozzieri

Atelier del restauro

Nicola detto il lungo - old school auto body mechanic: the best one!

Maurizio il viareggino - he prepares cars for painting with the utmost care and attention to detail; his job is so accurate that even car tops are jaw-dropped!

Riccardo il pistolero - the spray gun expert: paint, colours, base coat. Once done with the repair workshop, each car has a brand-new appearance!

Rino il capo - his 50-year-long technical experience with cars turned him into the most knowledgeable auto body mechanic; as for his great enthusiasm and passion for the job, he definitely took after his uncle, also known as “il lungo”.

In this workshop the codewords are fuel and red wine...the latter cannot miss on the car radiator!


Atelier della rettifica

Cesare maestro delle rettifiche - he's the service expert, the one who repairs engines. If a spare parts is missing, no problem: in his car fleet all spare parts are available!


Atelier della meccanica

Massimo il proprietario - ex rally pilot, he's the youngest in the team and runs the workshop; he takes the experts' advice but has still a long way to go.

Andrea, assistente - the team workaholic, he gives everybody a hand.

Mauro il capo meccanico - he boasts more than forty years of experience; his golden hands have repaired the pistons and cylinders of the best cars; his career started off with a Jaguar and the first car he has serviced is a Jaguar MK.I. His motto goes “with the advent of electronics the cars era is over”.

Alessandro, elettrauto - batteries, cables, lighting, radios: he's got a fad for each electronic part. That's why he spares no effort in repairing cars.

Alberto il tuttofare - retired assistant; he deals with spare parts.


Atelier degli interni

Petrucci il tappezziere - the beautiful carpets, van linings and trunks of our cars are the result of his know-how. His finishing touch is everywhere.

Nonno Roby

Atelier del pensionato

Nonno Robby - Robby, the King of rally: real expert of Italian rally, he has taken part, among others, into the Mille Miglia, the Targa Floria and the winter marathon. The older you grow, the more experienced you get, and he knows indeed all the most beautiful roads in Italy. His great expertise and know-how turned him into the ideal classic car scout who finds out and repairs the rarest cars. His favourite one is the Lancia Artena Sport Barbi from 1932, a unique model.


The passion that these specialists put in their job and their excellent results are the same that you will experience, mile after mile, at the wheel of our classic cars. Click on the pictures for more details.



Mercedes 220 SE (1965)

Mercedes 220 SE (1965)
Code: MB 30/M

Mercedes 190 SL (1952)

Mercedes 190 SL (1952)
Code: MB 01/M


MG TD (1951)

MG TD (1951)
Code: MG 02/M

MG TD (1952)

MG TD (1952)
Code: TD 01/M

MG A (1959)

MG A (1959)
Code: MG 03/M

MG A 1600 (1960)

MG A 1600 (1960)
Code: MG 04/M


Triumph TR 3 (1960)

Triumph TR 3 (1960)
Code: TR 02/M

Triumph TR 3 (1958)

Triumph TR 3 (1958)
Code: TR 03/M


Our mascots

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Fiat Fiat 615 (1950)

Fiat Fiat 615 (1950)
Code: FI 02/M

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