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Dear golfers, pilots, foodies and fans of Italy,

The starting point of this journey, which is my life, is my great passion for hospitality. After accomplishing my studies in Hotel Management in 1977, I had the chance to put into practice what I had learnt from my specialization as a “Maestro di Casa”, onboard of cruise liners. Particularly important was my collaboration with Eugenio Costa, the first cruise liner to have planned a world cruise voyage from Suez to Panama. The press called it “the Billionaire's cruise” (when the Italian Lira was the current currency).
After sailing the seven seas, I got off and left the sea for Switzerland, France and then Germany.
It was in Frankfurt, in the early 80', that I experienced something that was bound to change my life forever: I saw fantastic Mercedes SL Pagodes parading down the road. At the time, 7.000 marks were enough to buy this great car... Afterwards my life lead me to Portugal and in the end to Tuscany where I've been living ever since. In 1996 I created the Toscana Golf & More brand and selected the best deluxe hotels for my customers. The name stands for a programme: Tuscany, golf and “more”, the latter comprising a life-long experience in the hospitality industry, which I would like to convey to my customers. Time flies and the Toscana Golf & More has been expanding into new markets since its establishment. In 2011, to celebrate the brand's fifteenth anniversary, I decided to organize the Toscana Golf & More Vintage Tour, an event that combines all my passions: journeys, Italian cooking, golf and classic cars. This experience has been so intense that a deep love for classic cars won me over: I therefore started to repair them. First a Pagode, then a 190 SL, then an MGA... My car collection is so big that it has now become a car fleet, which I'm proud of. The next, natural step has been planning new classic car tours. You just need to choose the car which defines you best, your favourite tour and you'll be ready to discover the most beautiful destinations and gourmet restaurants: in other words, Italy! Thanks to you, who made all this possible, my job has always been a sheer pleasure! I'm looking forward to meeting you and taking you on a fantastic tour on the roads of the Bel Paese, at the wheel of our convertibles!

“Ciao e a presto”

Yours faithfully



Camillo Fioroni

Drink a little wine.

As we're speaking, time goes by.

Seize day, forget about tomorrow.

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About us

The Toscana Vintage Tour was born from Toscana Golf & More's 17-year-experience as a tour operator.

Thanks to our car fleet, made of many perfectly repaired cars, we can offer memorable holidays in Italy! At the wheel of a classic car, you'll discover the roads which have witnessed the most beautiful moments of the history of this magnificent country. Between a round of golf on the most beautiful golf courses in Italy and a car drive, you will treat yourself to a stay in exclusive, fine hotels.

Our team, made of mother-tongue collaborators, will organize your holiday, recommending you the most interesting golf courses and sights of Tuscany, Lombardy, Piedmont and other regions such as Emilia-Romagna which boasts a long automotive industry tradition.

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